Let me help you tell your story

You have a passion … a product to sell … a service to provide … a cause to support. Problem is … people don’t know about you or what you can do for them. They don’t understand your passion or know your story.

If only you could tell your story ... explain the benefits of that product or service you are so passionate about … explain why your cause is worthy of their support ... explain why your non-profit organization should be supported with their charitable gifts or their volunteer service.

 So, what are you to do?

You could stand on a street corner and wave a banner at cars passing by … that sounds uncomfortable.

Or, you could print a brochure and pass it out to everyone you meet … that sounds ineffective.

Or, you could consult with a major advertising agency and pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to advertise in newspapers and on billboards, radio, and TV … but you don’t have that kind of money … and that sounds expensive.

Maybe you could write a letter or send an e-mail, or start a simple website, or a Facebook account, that would help you get the word out. You could tell the story and explain the benefits of the product you are trying to sell … or the service only you can provide. You could explain in depth why it’s important for people to support your cause … because it’s important.  But, how would you tell that story so people would understand?  In the meantime ...

You have you … and your product, or your service … or your cause … and your passion, so ...

Let me help you write your story

Let me write a donor letter encouraging people to support your cause with their contributions or their time.

Let me write a direct response sales letter encouraging people to buy your product or use your service.

Let me write an e-mail or an e-newsletter reminding your clients – or potential clients – that your cause, your product, or your service can provide great benefits to them.

Let me help you write and develop a simple website that will give you a home on the internet.

Let me write a case study or success story that will illustrate the positive impact of your cause, or your product, or your service on the lives of others.

Services at Lane Creative Communication

See my Services page for more details to see how I can help you tell the story of your cause, your product, or your service. After all, … you have a great story you need to tell, so …

Contact at Lane Creative Communication

Send me an e-mail telling me about your product … your service, … or your cause, … and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Our first consultation is free and without obligation.

And then, after we get the word out about the products or services you offer, you could see visits to your website pick up … and orders start showing up in your inbox or your PayPal© account.

I can’t take on a dozen projects at one time, but I’d love to talk about how we can tell your story and draw clients and buyers to you. At the very least I could help you clarify what you need to do and offer you some next steps to help you move forward. And that conversation, including my suggestions or advice, is free and without obligation.

If you are ready to move forward … or if you have questions … or if you are wondering “what next?” … send me an e-mail today and give me some details, tell me about your needs, your product, service, or cause. The sooner I hear from you the sooner I can add you to my calendar if we decide to work together.

And, don’t be afraid to e-mail me if you are a small business or a small non-profit organization. I’d love to talk to you and see what we could do together to tell your story. But I need to hear from you sooner rather than later. I tend to keep a full schedule and would want to give your project the time it needs to be successful.

Let me help you tell your story soon.

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by Laura L. Leatherwood

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